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Read-a-thon Update - 9/16/22

Lets keep reading, we are getting closer to our goal!

As of today, we have raised $12,907. Our school goal for this fundraiser is to raise $35,000. If we hit our goal, Mrs. McDougall will dress up as Captain Underpants. Yep, she agreed!

The top student in each grade will get $50 to spend at the fall bookfair. As of today, the top pledges are:

Smith – R.Y. - $600

Park - A. - $540

Guiltinan – A.R. - $511

Yalda - J.M. - $430

The top class will win a pizza party! As of today, the top three classes are:

1. Guiltinan - $1,791

2. Linderman - $1,385

3. Parke - $1,345

The second week of the read-a-thon we have dress up days.

Monday - Dress up as your favorite Book Character

Tuesday - Dress up as a Comic Book Character

Wednesday - Dress up as a Dr. Seuss Character

Thursday - Wear a College Shirt

Friday - Dress up as a Tourist

3 easy steps to sign up:

1. Go to this link:

2. Enter your child’s name, enter your email(s), and select the group (teacher) your child belongs to.

3. Click “Add”, this will take you to your newly created pledge page!


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