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Lunch with a Loved One is Back!

As Covid protocols change we're slowly being given the greenlight to move forward with fun activities and programs for the kids! Coming up at the end of April is Lunch with a Loved One!

In addition to the information provided above here are few tips to make your lunch more enjoyable:

  1. To help your student find you easier, please let them know if someone will be attending to have lunch with them.

  2. If your child has a friend without a loved one in attendance please consider inviting them to sit with you!

  3. Bring a blanket to sit on.

  4. Loved ones should plan to enter through the side gate.

  5. Remember to obey parking laws.

  6. Bring your smile and patience for an enjoyable lunch together! 😊

After the event is done, add your photos to the Google Drive for yearbook consideration!


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